ACCTing out Support Group

ACCT’s 18+ Support group offers supportive social activities to autistic young adults aged 18 and above. We run fortnightly activities normally on Monday evenings, to places like the cinema, to play pool, go for a meal, and more. Keep an eye on our news page or social media for upcoming activities.

The group runs supportive social opportunities that help young adults to get out of the house and participate in activities with friends and peers. The group aims to help boost the confidence and self-esteem of young adults, have a positive impact on mental health and build social, communication and life skills.

When the group has established itself we plan to introduce the young people to other support groups in Sheffield such as the A Team and Sapag.

The project is initially being funded through the money donated to ACCT in David Woodhouse’s memory, and is a project supported by David’s wife Deborah. We hope this new project is a fitting tribute to all the amazing work for good causes that David did throughout his life.


Dates for events

9/3/2020: Nando’s 

20/3/2020: Bouldering at the Climbing Works