ACCT Needs Your Help

For years ACCT has successfully provided many services – weekly clubs, trips, events, support etc. etc. free of charge. We are now calling on you to give a little back to secure the future of ACCT for all existing and new members.


It costs £2,000 each month to pay for room hire, insurance, experienced staff at our weekly clubs and core running costs. That’s a massive £24,000 per year! Events & days out are extra!


We listened to your comments at the Annual General Meeting about what ACCT means to you. You have found support for your whole family and contact with others in a similar situation, and many of you have formed close friendships. So just for a moment we urge you to think what the charity means to you and your family. We think it’s priceless! During the AGM a vote was taken amongst our attending members and it was unanimous that an Effective Donation is the way forward.


We’re not asking you to dig deep, but in order to provide security for the charity we need regular monthly donations. A minimum of £5 + gift aid every month will secure our charity’s future. That’s £1.15 per week per family. (Please use this secure link to donate monthly or set up a standing order Account no. 00220404 (Lloyd’s) Sort Code: 30-97-51)


As a charity ACCT is committed to providing what our members need, and with an ever growing membership demand for our service is high. With your Effective Donation we will continue to run weekly clubs for both children and teenagers, providing support from our highly skilled and trained staff, run a full program of family days out, organise trips and swimming for families and teenagers and provide support to parents – monthly meeting, parents room, emails, signposting and use of our library and ACCT Chat.


Our clubs are tailored to meet the needs of the children and young people accessing them. We are funded by the local authority fortnightly for clubs, but demand is so high that we have successfully run weekly Acctivate for three years and weekly teenage club for eighteen months. We’d like to continue this and offer our expanding membership opportunities to access days out, swimming and online services also.


Those of you who already donate monthly, we appreciate it and we’re not asking you to give more unless you want too. You’re amazing, thank you.


Those who don’t, we really need your help now. We were forced to cancel a number of Acctivate and Teenage Club sessions last year due to a lack of funds. We would like to ensure this does not happen during the next year. (Please use this link to donate monthly or set up a standing order Account no. 00220404 (Lloyd’s) Sort Code: 30-97-51)


As many of you know, ACCT relies heavily on grants & fund-raising. It is becoming more challenging to obtain grant funding in the current economic climate and the costs of running the charity are slowly rising. We will continue to apply for grant funding and seek out fundraising opportunities.


Please help us to secure the future of this fantastic charity, your help is much appreciated.


Kind Regards


The ACCT Team