Registration for Acctivate

Dear Parent/carer


Booking a place at Acctivate


Acctivate is becoming really popular and it’s great to see so many families and children enjoying the activities! 


Up until now we have been able to welcome everyone who turns up on the day but as Acctivate has become more popular we will need to introduce a booking system.  This is to ensure that we meet out health and safety conditions and have enough staff to run the sessions.    


From the next Acctivate session on Saturday 18 February please could you book a places for your child(ren) to come to Acctivate so we can keep track of numbers?   


You can book a place at the previous Acctivate, or by ringing Emma on 07527 824034 on Wednesday or Friday.   If Emma is not available please leave a message with:


  • your name
  • number
  • the names of the children who would like to come to the next Acctivate.


Emma will call you back to confirm places for the next session.


If you book a place and then find you can’t come to the session, please let Emma know as soon as possible. We appreciate that some children decide at the last minute whether they would like to come to Acctivate, if this is the case, please either book a place then cancel it, or ring on Saturday morning to find out if there are places available.


If you come to a session without booking, your child may be able to stay if there are spaces available.  However, if there are not spaces available we will unfortunately have to turn you away.


We hope that this new system will help us manage Acctivate and that children wiil be able to come as often as they want to.  If you have any questions about the new booking system please speak to Emma or Deborah.


We would love to be able to offer Acctivate every week but unfortunately we do not have the funding to do so .


Emma and Deborah