Sensory Art Activities


Every week at ACCT we aspire to prepare art activities to engage our members. In particular we try to set up sensory art activities. Here is a list of activities that you might like to try at home:

“Bubble pictures”. Mix together SMALL AMOUNTS of poster paint, washing up liquid and water in roughly equal proportions in a bowl, use a straw to blow lots of bubbles, and then press paper down on the bubbles to make patterns. Alternatively ‘pick up’ the paint with the straw and blow it across a page…

Create rubbings outside using leaves, bark, rocks etc and then cut out and put together to create a collage. Use thin paint or watercolour paints over the top of rubbings to make them stand out… this can end up looking similar to the images in The Hungry Caterpillar.

Cling film art. Get a big piece of thick paper. Squeeze small blobs of paint onto it. Cover it in cling film. Children can move paint around with their fingers and then finally remove cling film to let it dry. Alternatively, leave the cling film on. Some children prefer to use a rolling pin to roll the paint out. Good for those who don’t like getting dirty…

Shaker art. Use a plastic cup with a lid or tupperware or similar. Or make your own lid using cling film. Wrap a piece of paper around it/ tape paper to the bottom. Add paint and marbles / pebbles or similar and shake it around. Take everything out and look at your master piece!