ACCT 3 Monthly Swimming Session

Dear Member,

We are inviting you to join a scheme to guarantee you access to 3 monthly family swim sessions.

This is how it works:
The cost to ACCT of running 3 sessions is £600. Member donations towards the scheme amount to £140 currently and ACCT can contribute £100 from the charity’s funds. This leaves a balance of £360. We have 60 places for swimming each month so a voluntary contribution of £6 per person would amount to £360.
We know lots of you really value our swimming sessions and we are still actively seeking grant funding for them. In the meantime, we think that £2 per person per swim is very good value and will allow ACCT swimming meetups to continue.
We will book the sessions as soon as we reach the target of £360 – if we don’t we will refund any monies received.
One booking will secure access to all 3 sessions. Unfortunately we can’t refund money if you miss a session – the scheme won’t work if we do.
We hope this seems like a reasonable way to carry on ACCT swimming. We have listened to your feedback and hope this is a way forward.
If we can reach our target by 30th September, this will guarantee 3 swims before Christmas.

You can donate securely online to the swimming scheme through: (Any Gift Aid will be collected towards future swimming sessions)
You can also make a donation through the clubs by cash or cheque in an envelope marked “Swimming Scheme” and with a list of names to attend.

Best Wishes,
The ACCT Team