AGM Reminder and Funding Needs

We hope you will consider joining us for our AGM and raffle draw next week on Wednesday 13th January 7pm – 9pm at St Mary’s Community Centre.

We will be discussing many important issues including funding. We are very grateful to those members who are already regular givers. To maintain the current level of service we need regular income and this may mean asking all members to make a small but regular contribution.

ACCT has been successfully running weekly Acctivate sessions for almost three years and our weekly Teenage Club for eighteen months. This has been a huge financial commitment for the organisation and these extra sessions have been solely funded through our own fundraising efforts for the last twenty two months. As well as our weekly clubs we provide online support, parents meetings, days and trips out and sporting activities.

In the current financial climate, it is becoming increasingly difficult to maintain the present levels of service we provide to our members. For many of our families the support they receive from ACCT is a lifeline where valuable friendships are formed, information is shared and support is given. Whilst we continue to hold fundraising events and apply for grant funding, we, as a charity, need the support of our members.

A discussion and vote will be taken to decide on how to proceed with funding our much used and valued service. If you want to have your say please join us at our AGM.