Select ACCT as your Co-op Local Cause!

ACCT has been selected as one of the Co-op’s Local Causes. This means that Members of the Co-op can choose ACCT as your local cause and then 1% of what you spend at the Co-op is donated to ACCT. We’ll be one of the local causes for the next 12 months so plenty of time for those 1 per cents to build up!

Please go to our cause page to select ACCT as your local cause and to join if you aren’t already a Co-op member (it costs £1 to get a card). Thank you!

Here’s a quick guide to selecting ACCT as your local cause.

Once you’ve signed up as a member and logged in, click the ‘See your local causes’ link

Then find ACCT. We’re under the Wellbeing category, you might need to adjust the ‘distance from you’ option to find us.

Then click on our page and then click the ‘Choose this cause’ link.

And that’s it. You should get a message to say you’ve selected ACCT as your local cause, and then shop at Co-op as normal, remembering to get your membership card swiped when you do! Thank you!