Activities Update – Big News!

Big changes! From last Wednesday and Saturday, ACCT has started up in person clubs for the six week holidays!

The whole ACCT team have been doing amazing work preparing to safely open. Bubbles have been established, social distancing measured out, cleaning schedules arranged, but most importantly, the same clever and creative ACCT team are there to welcome you and catch up.

We have initially offered spaces to our regular club users, and we will let you know when more spaces become available.

Acctivate Minecraft and Teenage Club Minecraft will continue to run alongside in person clubs.

However, there is no more Zoom into Acctivate or Zoom into Teenage Club. Big thanks to everyone who participated in the Zoom clubs and made them a fun and welcoming place for people to socialise. You’ll be glad to know we’re working on incorporating what we’ve learnt from the Zoom activities into the in-person clubs.


There are still spaces available on Acctivate Minecraft, Teenage Club Minecraft and Dungeons and Dragons. Let us know if you’d like to join!


The next Parents Meeting will be next Tuesday the 11th of August 7pm-9pm via Zoom. Drop us a line if you’d like to join in, or if you have any suggestions for future Parents Meeting topics.

And that’s a quick round up! Hopefully see you all soon.


Warm regards,

The ACCT Team.