ACCT is one of the 2019 People’s Projects!

All of us at ACCT were so delighted to receive so many votes and become one of the National Lottery/ITV People’s Projects for 2019, being awarded a grant of £50,000.

For posterity, here is the clip from ITV Calendar News when we got the news

And not to forget, this is the campaign video we made with ITV, which did such a great job at showcasing what ACCT is all about.

Now the campaign is over, let’s talk about the funding and what it will do for ACCT. Through Acctivate, Teenage Club and everything else we deliver, we aim to give children and young people the opportunity to make choices and have control over the activities and trips we do. And then we try to make all of that happen, either through our weekly club sessions, through special trips out, and when there’s enough interest and when we can find the money, we might even start running regular sessions like we do with our weekly football coaching. We aim to help children find hobbies and interests they are passionate about, and develop their confidence, skills and make friends through those interests.

That is basically what the People’s Projects funding will allow us to do for the next 12 months – have a wishlist of activities and things to do, give our young people the opportunity to try as many new things as possible through new activities and taster sessions (such as our life drawing class at Teenage Club), then help support children to stay involved in activities they want to carry on with.

So, you might not see any massive changes in what we do and how we do it, but it gives ACCT the stability to carry on running and developing ACCTivate, Teenage Club, Summer days out, football, swimming and parents meetings for the next year while Sheffield City Council makes changes to its playcare contract arrangements (which currently funds half of ACCTivate and Teenage Club). It costs around £120,000 per year to run ACCT, so we will need to continue to fundraise for the remaining costs of delivering our ongoing work this year, as well as planning ahead for next year.

While the People’s Projects has been a fantastic boost to ACCT, the fundraising doesn’t stop! We still need your support, whether through your donations, your votes and telling people about ACCT and what we do here.

Once again, thank you to all of you for your support and votes in the People’s Projects – it made all the difference.