COVID-19 Update

Dear ACCT Member,

Following the latest update for schools to close at the end of the day ACCT has made the decision to cancel ACCT Academy Football Club and Acctivate this weekend along with all planned activities until further notice. Our intention was to run clubs for as long as possible to provide much needed support to our members. The safety of everyone accessing activities – children, young people, parents, carers, staff and volunteers and our colleagues at St Mary’s is our main priority.

We want to reassure members that ACCT will still be running throughout this unprecedented and uncertain time to offer you all support. We have lots of ideas to move support online and will be working hard in the coming days to set this up. We will be available via email and the club mobile, and will be sending out regular emails and posting on social media to keep you connected.

We are aware that lots of our families are already isolated and self isolating is going to extend that further, along with the increased anxiety that many of us are feeling. We are asking all of you to please reach out to us if you need support and we will do all that we can to help.

Kind Regards

The ACCT Team