Online Activities W/B 20th April

Teenage Club Minecraft – Every Wednesday 7pm – 9pm
Access ACCT’s dedicated server to build, mine, farm, have fun and hang out with your friends!

Zoom into Teenage Club – Every Wednesday @ 7pm
Quizzes, bingo, one word at a time and more on Zoom. Hang out with your friends and ACCT staff! Lots of fun!
***This Wednesday 22nd April is ‘Quiz Night’ and we will be playing ‘One Word at a Time Story’***

Acctivate Minecraft – Every Saturday 9.45am – 12.15pm
Access ACCT’s dedicated server to build, mine, farm, have fun and hang out!

Zoom into Acctivate – Every Saturday @ 10am
Arts and crafts, quizzes, games and more on Zoom! Lots of fun and just like sitting around the craft table!
***This Saturday 25th April we will be making ‘Japanese Flying Carp’ and ‘I went to Market’ word game. You will need – Cardboard tube – middle from kitchen roll or toilet roll is ideal, Coloured paper in 2 or more colours, a small piece of white paper, a black felt pen, a piece of string or wool, scissors, glue or glue stick, sellotape, a pencil and a ruler and a short stick e.g bamboo skewer***

All activities lead by ACCT’s dedicated staff team
If you’d like a space, please fill out the details below and email to –

Session: (ie. Minecraft / Zoom – Sat 25th April)

Child’s name: 

Minecraft Username: 

For more information about ACCT’s Minecraft Server please visit our websitePlease note that a PC and Java Edition are required. ACCT have some free accounts that members can borrow, these are on a first come first serve basis.

Kind Regards

The ACCT Team