Online Activities W/B 4th May

ACCT’s Online Activities this Week!

Teenage Club Minecraft – Every Wednesday 7pm – 9pm
Access ACCT’s dedicated server to build, mine, farm, have fun and hang out with your friends!

Zoom into Teenage Club – this Wednesday 6th May @ 7pm
Wednesday Night is Quiz Night!! Hang out with your friends and ACCT staff! Test your knowledge and have of fun!
***’Paper and a pen needed’***

Zoom into ACCT Academy – 
this Friday 8th May @ 6pm with Brad, Joe and Mike!
***Classic Match Highlights Watch Party!***

Acctivate Minecraft – Every Saturday 9.45am – 12.15pm
Access ACCT’s dedicated server to build, mine, farm, have fun and hang out!

Zoom into Acctivate – Every Saturday @ 10am
Arts and crafts, quizzes, games and more on Zoom! Lots of fun and just like sitting around the craft table!
***This Saturday 9th May we will be making ‘Pig letters’ and acting out the story of The Three Little Pigs! You will need an envelope (if you don’t have any then raid the recycling bin for a used one – you can stick a piece of plain paper over the address), a piece of pig coloured paper 15cm x 15cm – you can make your piggy any colour you like, be diverse! Coloured pencils/crayons/felt pens, Sellotape, glue stick, pencil, ruler and scissors***
All activities are led by ACCT’s dedicated staff team.
If you’d like a space, please fill out the details below and email to –


Session: (ie. Minecraft / Zoom – Sat 9th May)

Child’s name: 

Minecraft Username: 

For more information about ACCT’s Minecraft Server please visit our websitePlease note that a PC and Java Edition are required. ACCT have some free accounts that members can borrow, these are on a first come first serve basis.